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Hey everyone, what is going on? Again welcome you to our brand new series which is named "Blogging Basics". As, you know, in this series we are discussing about the basics of blogging.

Here, we are providing very common information related to blogging. Because, without clearing basic information, totally foolishness to provide in-depth knowledge.

So we hope our this effort will definitely be helpful for you.

In this tutorial we will learn how we can submit our website on search engines. Which is really one of the most important factor to rank faster on search engines.

In our previous article we have learned that what are best seo settings for blogger blog, include this one to that list to improve your blog's SEO score.

Here, we are using blogger to demonstrate this process. But don't worry, in our upcoming tutorials we will definitely learn how to do this in WordPress.

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Here we go!

How to submit website on search engines

In this post, we are covering three major search engines (Google, Bing, Yandex). Because, after submitting your site in this three, the other search engines (Yahoo, AoL, Duckduckgo, Ask Etc) will automatically crawl your site.

But, before starting let's see why website submission is important:

1. To boost your post's indexing speed -

Due to lack of data about your site, at the beginning of blogging we can't expect that Google or any other search engines will automatically crawl our website.

So, at the starting, we have to index our every post's URL manually to the search engine.

So that search engine crawler can find out our site and can analyse it deeply. After getting old and popular, search engines will automatically crawl your every post.

Moreover manual indexing also boost (within 24 hours) your post's indexing speed, where, automatic crawling can takes up to 1 week to index your post.

And to do all the above mentioned things, first we have to submit our site to search engines.

2. To improve your website's performance -

After submitting your site to the search engines, you will get a dashboard for your website. Where you will find your website's detailed information.

The webmaster team will inform you if there have any issue with your website. Moreover, you can check your website's daily performance in your dashboard.

Which is really helpful to increase visitors as well as to improve your website's ranking.

Let's start with search engine giant. Let's see how we can index our website on Google. In this tutorial, we will also learn how to submit sitemap on search engines.

In our previous discussion we have learned how to generate sitemaps for blogger blog. First, read that article so that you can understand this part more easily.

Easiest way to submit website on search engines


To submit your website on Google, first open your favourite browser and search for Google Webmaster Tool. Then, follow this link...

Image Source: Google

After entering to the website, click on "SEARCH CONSOLE" to go to your dashboard. In this webmaster version you will get two options to submit your website. Select the method which we have shown below...

Image Source: Google Webmaster

Image Source: Google Webmaster

Here you have to enter your website's URL. Enter your website's URL like us and hit on "CONTINUE" button.

Image Source: Google Webmaster

After that, you will see some options to verify your ownership. Among these, we are recommending you to use this second option "HTML tag".

Image Source: Google Webmaster

After selecting the second option, copy this code and open your blogger dashboard.

Image Source: Google Webmaster

Now select the option "Theme" and click over this "Edit HTML" button.

Image Source: Blogger

Here, you have to paste the copied code under "" tag." tag. After that, save the theme by clicking this button...

Image Source: Blogger

Now, come back to the verification page and click over this "VERIFY" button.

Image Source: Google Webmaster

Image Source: Google Webmaster

Sitemap Submission -

After successful verification it's time to submit your website's sitemap. To submit sitemap, click on this option "Sitemaps" from sidebar menu.

Image Source: Google Webmaster

Now, paste this code "atom.xml" after your blog's URL and hit on "SUBMIT" to submit your sitemap successfully.

Image Source: Google Webmaster

Great! you have done nice job. After few hours you can find your website on Google. To find out you website, type this code on Google -


After Bing is the 2nd largest search engine in internet. If you want to get traffic from USA, UK, Canada Etc than you definitely have to submit your website on Bing webmaster tool.

Follow this steps to submit your site on ...

Open and search for "Bing webmaster tool" then follow this website given here...

Image Source: Google

After entering to the website, click on sign in button. Here, you have three options to do sign in. We are using Google account to sign in to our dashboard.

Image Source: Bing Webmaster

Image Source: Bing Webmaster

Now, you will see a dashboard like this. Here enter the website's URL that you want to submit and click on "ADD".

Image Source: Bing Webmaster

Then, a very basic form will open. Fill-up the form if you want, otherwise, click on "SAVE".

After that, you will see the same ownership verification options like Google webmaster. To verify your ownership follow the same method which you have followed before.

Sitemap Submission -

Now time to submit sitemap. Click on this "Sitemaps" option from sidebar and submit your sitemap... It can take up to one hour to verify your sitemap.

Image Source: Bing Webmaster


Yandex is a Russian search engine giant. If you wants more traffic for your blog then, you must have to submit your website on Yandex.

Let's know how...

Open Yandex webmaster tool and click on "Log in" button. If you are new than, first register yourself.

Image Source: Yandex Webmaster

Image Source: Yandex Webmaster

After registering, hit this "Go" button to go to your dashboard.

Image Source: Yandex Webmaster

Here, submit your website by clicking this "Add" button.

Image Source: Yandex Webmaster

Enter your website's URL in this given field and click on "Add" to submit your website...

Image Source: Yandex Webmaster

After that, follow the same procedure mentioned previously to verify your ownership. After verifying your domain name you will see a interface like this...

Sitemap Submission -

Let's see, how to submit sitemap on Yandex webmaster. Go to IndexingSitemap files.
Now, enter your sitemap URL in this given area and hit "Add" button to submit your sitemap successfully.

Image Source: Yandex Webmaster

Within few minutes, your sitemap will be verified.

Final Words

That's it... we hope that, we have given the simplest technique to submit website on search engines.

In our upcoming tutorials we will discuss - how to write and publish on blogger, how to buy domain name and hosting, how add custom domain on blogger, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, how to quickly rank blogger post on search engines etc.

So, stay with us and do SUBSCRIBE to our NEWSLETTER so that you can get the future updates.

Share your opinions regarding how to submit website to search engines. Do share this post with your friends. Thank you so much for visiting.



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