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What's up guys, welcome to another fresh article of "Blogging Basics" series. This is the second part of our series.

The core reason behind making this segment is to clarify the basics of blogging. Which is more important than writing a SEO friendly post.

In the previous part of this series we have learned, how to make a website on blogger. If you are new here, than, read that article first to understand this part more easily.

In this post we will learn how to upload custom templates on blogger. We have already published a couple of posts regarding, best responsive and SEO friendly templates for blogger.

Read those articles to get a clear idea of ​​where to find the best premium template for your blogger blog.

After downloading custom template, the question is that, how to install it in your blog dashboard. So, to know the procedure, stay with us at the till end of this post and do SUBSCRIBE to our NEWSLETTER to get the future updates.

Here we go!

Note » Before taking single step, we are highly recommending to download the backup file of your current template.

To do that, first open this option called "theme" from your blogger dashboard and hit over this button "Backup/Restore".

Image Source: Blogger

Image Source: Blogger

Now, download your current template's backup by hitting this option "Download theme".

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1. How to Upload Custom Templates on Blogger?

» After taking backup, now time to upload/install our custom template.

Here, we have two ways to upload our template file on blogger blog. So, let's start with the first methodology. Which is XML file upload.

After downloading any blogger template, first we have to decompress the ZIP file.

Which you can easily do through some ZIP opener softwares, like - ZArchiver(Smartphone), RAR(Both), WinZip(Both) Etc.

After decompressing the ZIP file you will get a .XML file. This is the file we have to upload in our blogger blog.

Now, open the option called theme from your blogger dashboard. After that click over this "Backup/Restore" option to upload your custom template.

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Now, select the XML file from your device and click on this upload button.

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If, you want to show your template on mobile devices as like desktop than, click over this button and select this option...

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We hope, you have done all the things correctly.


If you are facing some issues to upload your template through the above method than, follow up this option.

In this process we will directly copy the HTML coding from the XML file and paste it to the respective area.

To do that, first, open the ".XML" file through XML file reader and copy the full HTML code.

Image Source: Self-made

Image Source: Self-made

Now, open the option called theme from your blogger dashboard. This time click on this button "Edit HTML".

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After that, delete all the previous coding and paste the new HTML code which you have copied recently. Then click on "Save theme" to complete the method.

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Now, you are ready to give your blog a new and professional look.

2. Conclusion:

At the upcoming posts of this series we will learn - how to Write and publish post, how to buy domain name and hosting, how add custom domain on blogger, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, how to quickly rank blogger blog on Google and Other search engines etc.

So, stay with us and do SUBSCRIBE to our NEWSLETTER so that you can get the future updates.

Share your opinions regarding how to upload custom templates on blogger. Do share this post with your friends. Thank you so much for visiting.



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