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What's up buddies, welcome to another fresh tutorial of This is the 3rd post of our "Blogging Basics" series.

The main motive behind making this category is to provide very basic knowledge about blogging. Which, is really important to know, for a newbie before starting a blog.

In our previous discussions we have learned How to Make a Website on Blogger and how to Upload Custom Templates on Blogger. If you are new here than, read those articles first so that you can understand this part more easily.

Today we will learn what are the best SEO settings for Blogger blog. We all know that is not so good for SEO compared to other content management networks ( WordPress, Drupal, Joomla ).

But, after doing some advanced settings in our blogger dashboard, we can make our blog as a SEO optimized blog.

So before publishing your first post make sure that, you have implemented these advanced SEO settings in your blog so that you can rank faster without struggle.

So, here we go!

#1. Best SEO Settings for Blogger

1. Blog title and description -

After making website, this is the first thing, you have to do with your blog. Write your blog name and the topic that you want to provide to your audiences so that people can easily reach to your blog.

To do that, open your blogger dashboard and click on "basic settings". Now, edit your blog's title.

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Image Source: Blogger

Apply the same methods to write description for your blogger blog. Follow the steps given below.

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Image Source: Blogger

2. Comment setting -

After doing some settings in your blog's comment section you can make your blogger blog spam free.

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First of all, open your comments section from your blogger dashboard and do these things given below -

Who can comment?: Anyone

Comment Moderation: Always

Show word verification: No

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3. Meta description -

Don't forget to create meta description for your blog. It is extremely helpful to rank your blog fast on Search engines.

To add meta tags in your blogger blog first, click on "Search preferences". By default, the meta description section will be disabled.

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First, click on "edit" and then, hit the "yes" button to make the search description enable.
Now, enter your blog's name and focused keywords at the respective area and click on "save".

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4. Generate sitemap -

Sitemap is the vital element of SEO. After providing your blog's sitemap to the search engines, your post's indexing speed will be boost.

Using sitemap generator tool you can easily create XML sitemaps for your blogger blog. We are using "" to generate our sitemap.
Enter your blog address at the given field and hit on "Generate Sitemap" to generate your blog's sitemap.

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In our upcoming tutorials we will discuss, how to submit sitemap on search engines. So, stay with us and do SUBSCRIBE to our NEWSLETTER to never miss any update from us.

5. Robots.txt -

Robot.txt is one of the most important element, for a blog. Through this robots.txt file you can inform search engine crawler that, what to crawl and what not to crawl from your site.

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google

Disallow: User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Allow: /


» Open your blogger dashboard and click on "Search preferences" then, edit this "Custom robots.txt" option. To edit this, copy the code given above and paste it in the given field.

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Image Source: Blogger

6. Header tags -

Enable the custom header tags option and select the best "Custom robots header tags".

Open the "Search preferences" menu from your blogger dashboard and enable the "header tags" option and select the tags from the screenshot given below.

Image Source: Blogger
Image Source: Blogger

7. Important Pages -

Although, this is not a SEO settings, but, after adding some pages in your blog you can easily build trust among with your audiences.
Which will indirectly help to improve your blog's SEO as well as ranking.

Important Pages List:

• About Us

• Privacy Policy

• Contact Us

• Disclaimer

• Terms of Use (optional)

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Using "" you can easily generate these important pages for your website. If you are troubling to generate these pages than, let us know at the comment box. We will definitely try to publish a post with full guidance on this topic.

#2. Conclusion -

These are the best 7 SEO settings for blogger which, you must have to implement before writing your posts.

In our upcoming tutorials we will discuss - how to write and publish posts on blogger, how to buy domain name and hosting, how add custom domain on blogger, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, how to submit website and sitemap on webmaster, how to quickly rank blogger post on Google and Other search engines etc.

So, stay with us and do SUBSCRIBE to our NEWSLETTER so that you can get the future updates.

Share your views regarding Best SEO Settings for Blogger. Do share this post with your friends. Thank you so much for visiting.



  1. Thanks for the help. Meta Tags, Robots.txt it was the new things for me but now i have known about it more.because of your tips


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