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SEO Tips and Tricks for Google Blogger

Are your posts are, not getting rank at the top pages of Google? Is it really impossible to rank at the top of Google through

Hello, I am Bapan and today I am going to reveal 9+ Secret SEO Tips and Tricks which I have used in my blog. Applying these SEO techniques I have ranked my post at the top of Google within 1 hour.

Here is the proof:

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My website is ranking at the top of Google in this keyword. As you can see, i have written this post at 12 June 2019. That day i have submitted my post on Google webmaster tool and now you can see the result. In today's blog, we are sharing, exactly what we have done with this post.

I have already covered "On page SEO techniques", which is the root of SEO. Today, i am attending to reveal, "10 Secret SEO Tips and Tricks to Dominate on Google".

#1. Is DEAD?

Many of my friends told me that "You can not rank your posts using", " will not work", "it takes long time to rank on Google". But, within a month, i have proved that, they are absolutely wrong. Nowadays, my maximum posts are getting place at the 1st pages of Google.

Although, it is true that, there are some limitations in which makes it quite difficult to rank on search engines but following some cool SEO hacks, you will definitely come out from these difficulties. Which is already proved.

#2. SEO Tips and Tricks for Google Blogger: Rank #1 on Google

#01. Start With Proper Keyword Researching:

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I mentioned "keyword research" on my SEO related posts. Keyword resarching is the most vital point of SEO. Not only me, every blogger do keyword planning before starting their articles.

At the initial stage of blogging, work for unique and less competitive keywords. Otherwise, your posts will never get ranked in search engines. Use tools like - SEMrush, Ubersuggest, Google Keyword Planner Etc. I have already written a proper article on "Keyword Researching". If you interested, click here and read the article.

#02. Best Permalink Structure For Posts:

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If you are using WordPress, then, you can easily create your own permalink style. But if you are in then, there are some limitations. There is no way to remove dates from your permalink. However, you can create your custom permalink.

While you are writing on, open the "post settings" option to get the custom permalink field. The perfect way to create permalink is, put only the focused keyword in our permalink.

For Example: If, your blog's title is "10+ Secret Digital Marketing Strategies 2019" and the focused keyword is "Digital Marketing Strategies", you can use "Digital Marketing Strategies" as your custom and SEO friendly permalink.

Note: Use only dashes (-) to differentiate the strings in your URL structure.


#03. Focuse on Your Post Title:

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A perfect title can rank your post at the top of Google. In WordPress, you can easily create SEO friendly titles using some plugins. But you know that, you also can create a good title in Use these simple hacks to create a perfect title.

First, search your keyword on Google and analysis top 8 results. Try to analysis their title's pattern. Look, how they have inserted main keyword in their title tag. After analysing the whole thing, create a short and unique title for your post.

For Example: If your main keyword is "Responsive Blogger Templates", create your title like - "Best 5 Responsive Blogger Templates 2019" or "5 Best Responsive Blogger Templates for free".

Use catchy and mysterious words to make your title more interesting.

Example: "10 Secrets of Digital promoting - every Newcomers should Know" or "Hidden Secrets of Blogging - novice Special".

You can get help from many title finder tools. Otherwise, you can take advantage of YouTube and Google Autofill features. Most importantly, put your focused keyword at your title.

Note: Use title related to your post, otherwise, your content will be judged as a spam.

#04. Look at Your Post's Keyword Density:

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How many times have you entered your focused keyword in your blog is also another important factor for

For Example: If you have written a blog in around 1000 words and you have put your main keyword 10 times in that post then, your keyword density is 10%. 1.2-1.5% is keyword density is enough for a 1000 word's post.

Put your main keyword only in required areas. For better results, enter your focused keyword at the starting of your first paragraph and the conclusion of your post.

Note: Never do keyword stuffing. Otherwise, your blog will be judged as a spam or misleading content.

#05. Use Labels Properly on

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While you are writing, open the "post settings" section to get the "labels" field. Using proper lable for your each post, you can create different categories for your blog. Which is very helpful for readers as well as SEO.

#06. Perfectly Optimize Your Images:

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I manually optimize my blog's images and this is really a vital point of "On-page SEO". If, you don't optimize your images perfectly, your website's loading time will be increase. Which is not good for your website's ranking. For this reason, before publishing posts, resize your images.

If, you are using WordPress, there are so many plugins available for image optimization, like - smush, wp image optimize etc. But for blogger, you have to resize images manually. You can use some websites to resize your images.

After optimizing images, rename, your images and then use images to your blog. Always rename like this: "responsive-blogger-templates" or "responsive+blogger+templates". Perfectly renamed images add extra value to your blog. Always add "alt text" in your images.

#07. Don't Forget to Create Meta Description:

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Meta description is another most important thing for your post's ranking. Meta description helps a lot to search engines to find out the most relevant results regarding to user's query. Follow this special tactics for outstanding results.

Start your blog's meta description with the focused keyword of your blog. You can also use your blog's title at the description. Many Blogger don't write meta descriptions for their blogs. But this, couple of lines plays a major role for your blog's ranking.

Not only in Google after giving the description, your content will be rank to the pages of other search engines. So, if you want to spread your content everywhere , don't leave the meta description box empty.

#08. Nofollow External Links:

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Nofollow function is used to prevent search engines from crawling a specific link. To use this feature, select this option ( rel="nofollow" ) from the link section.

#09. Always Build Internal Links:

The internal link always tells search engines that, how serious you are about your post. If you have many blog pages related to same category, bind each other through link. Which is called internal links.

Internal linking is the most useful SEO technique to engage visitors in your blog. Using this method, you can utilize your visitors from, one page to another page.

You can build links at the end of your blog post, otherwise, you can insert links at the middle of your every post. Add your links only in required areas.

After publishing post copy the post's link and paste it at the conclusion section of the post.

#10. Content is Always the King:

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Google's updated algorithm deeply analyzes your contents. Google is always checking, your blog's bounce rate, traffic sources, spam score etc.

Each point mentioned above is less important in front of it. If, you have done all the things perfectly, but, not written a unique content, then, your content's SEO has no value and it will never get placed to the the first page of Google yet as alternative search engines.

So, always provide contents which, people wants to know. You can take ideas from some good "Content Idea generator".

#3. Conclusion

These are the tactics we have followed to rank our contents on search engines. Share your opinions about this post. If you still have any queries regarding "9+ Secret SEO Tips and Tricks for Google Blogger (Rank #1 on Google)", please do comment at the below box.

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