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9 Blog Niches That Drive huge Traffic With Money

After choosing blogging as a part time job or full time journey, the most important task, is to find out a perfect niche for your blog.

Choosing the perfect niche always increases your success speed towards your blogging career. In this post we have listed 8+ blog niches that drive massive traffic with money.

If you are troubling to find out the best niche for your blog than, this is the right place to get your answer. After some quality research we've listed these niches.

So get more about the best niches, please read this article with full attention.

1. Why Choosing a Perfect Niche is More Important Than Writing Content?

As we know, perfect selection always gives best results and the term is also applicable for blogging.

These are some highly competitive niches in blogging - SEO, Technology, Gaming etc. Many big players like - Shout Me Loud, Neil Patel, Backlinko, OptinMonster already reigning on those fields.

So, if you are thinking to start your blogging journey with those topics, it will definitely ruins your journey. And the sad reality is, maximum number of newbie bloggers doing the same mistake.

But due to lack of knowledge maximum people don't know that except that bounded topics a large number of niches still available to start their blogging career and to get huge success.

But We hope after reading today's post they will definitely able to explore the unknown area of blogging.

» Keep These Points in Mind Before Choosing a Niche for Blogging.

01. Make Sure you are Passionate About Your Niche and Have Strong Knowledge on it.

If you choose your passion as your blog's topic then, it will makes you more comfortable to express your thoughts infront of your audiences.
Which is also help you to grow your blog's traffic rapidly.

The most important element before starting a blog or niche is knowledge. Knowledge is the root of blogging.

Before getting started with a niche, make sure, you have proper and enough knowledge regarding that topic.

There's no meaning to start a blog with zero knowledge. Choose the topic, where you can write infinity posts without getting bored.

Always note what value are you providing to your visitors.

02. Does anyone search your topic in search engine?

There is no value for the subject that nobody searches. So before going to start writing make sure that, your topic has enough demand among the people.

To know which topics are best to get massive traffic within less time check out the list given below.

03. Can You Make Money From Your Choosen Niche?

Maybe your blog's main purpose is to earn money. So before choosing a niche check out that how many channels you can create to earn money from your blog.

Do research that how many brands or affiliate programs can approach you after your blog getting popular.

These are the three key points to check before choosing a niche or topic.

2. 9 Profitable Blog Niches That Drive huge Traffic With Money

Here we go!

#001. Recipe or Food Blog:

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If, you are good in cooking and want to build your career in cooking industry than, recipe blogging is a powerful way to convert your dreams to reality.

Just you need a domain name with good hosting and you are ready to fly towards to your dream.
Showcase your daily food experiments through your blog.

» List of Some Successful Food Blogs:

• Serious Eats

• Food52

• Smitten Kitchen

•  Kitchn

• Simply Recipes

• Skinnytaste

• Etc

» How to Monetize Recipe or Food Blogs:

• Monetize your blog through ads network like - Google AdSense,, Infolinks Etc.

• Sell e-book of your recipes

• Do Affiliate Marketing

• Brand Promotion and Sponsorship

• Etc

#002. Motivational Blog:

Image Source: Pixabay

If , you have the ability to change someone's life through your words than, why are you getting late to start your motivational blog.

Start your blog and provide your energetic quotes to boost someone's confidence level. Turn your words into money.

» List of Some Successful Motivational Blogs:

• Success

• Lifehack

• Everyday Power Blog

• Motivation Grid

• Success Fastlane

• Etc

» How to Monetize Motivational Blogs:

• Online Paid Courses

• Affiliate Marketing

• Ads Networks

• E-book Selling

• Etc

#003. Hotel Reviews:

Image Source: Pixabay

Share your experience about hotels where, you stayed and make money through their affiliate programs.

Most importantly, write unbiased and exact experiences so that people can get genuine reviews of those hotels.

Otherwise, your blog will shut down soon.

» How to Monetize Hotel Reviews Blog:

• Affiliate Program

• Sponsorship and Brand Promotion

• Google AdSense,, Infolinks Etc

• Etc

#004. Beauty Blog:

Image Source: Pixabay

It's a profitable and evergreen niche of all time.
If you are a beautician or a beauty expert than, you can share your beauty tips through a blog.

Which will definitely help people to do perfect beauty treatments.

Share your personal beauty products so that people can get extra benefits from your blog.

» List of Some Successful Beauty Blogs:

• Lisa Eldridge

• Tanya Burr’s Beauty Blog

• Nikkie Tutorials

• Maskcara

• The Sunday Girl

• Etc

» How to Monetize Beauty Blog:

• Affiliate Marketing

• Paid Product Reviews

• Brand Endorsement

• Sponsorship

• Etc

#005. Health Blog:

Image Source: Pixabay

Every people in this planet wants to live a healthy life. But due to lack of knowledge they are not getting the results that they wants.

If, you have good grip in this field than, you can share health related tips via your blog and can help people to lead healthy life.

Health is a vast industry and here you will get too many sections like - Fitness, Diet, Yoga etc.

If you wants to narrow your topic than, choose anyone of the micro-niches given above and get ready to publish your secrets.

» List of Some Successful Health Blogs:

• Delish Knowledge

• The Real Food Dietitians

• My Fitness Pal

• Fit Bottomed Girls

• Fit Foodie Finds

• Etc

» How to Monetize Health Blog:

• Paid Reviews of Medical Products

• Affiliate Marketing

• E-book Selling

• Etc

#006. Parenting Blog:

Image Source: Pixabay

Parenting is a most popular blogging niche. Every parents wants to give the best care to their infants.

But due to lack of experiences they're little bit confused about how to do the above.

So if you are a experienced one than, you can share your personal advices in your blog so that they can take better care of their baby.

You can also offer some quality baby care products which will make them more comfortable to do parenting.

Parenting is a sensitive matter, so do not give any advice without proper experience or knowledge.

» List of Some Successful Parenting Blogs:

• Motherly

• Baby Boy Bakery

• Babble

• Twins Mommy

• Kids Stop Press

• Etc

» How to Monetize Parenting Blog:

• Paid Reviews of Baby Care Products

• Selling E-book Related to Parenting

• Affiliate Marketing

• Google AdSense,, Infolinks Etc

• Etc

#007. Business Ideas:

Image Source: Pixabay

In this niche you can share your personal business ideas to your audiences so that they can grow in life.

Provide unique business ideas that gives huge profits in less investment so that people will more engaged with your blog.

Publish a free e-book to get massive responses.

#008. Product Reviews Blog:

Image Source: Pixabay

Reviewing products is a profitable niche to get your blog started. Publish reviews of products you have already used.

At the beginning you have to spend money to buy review units. But, after being popular, big brands will approach you to write about their products.

Also, you can join their affiliate program to add buyer links in your every post and to get referral commissions.

» How to Monetize Business Ideas Blog:

• E-book Selling

• Brand Endorsement

• Through Ads network

• Sponsorship

• Etc

» List of Some Successful Product Reviews Blogs:

• Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog

• The Mommyhood Chronicles

• Mom and More

• The Awesomer

• Incredible Things

» How to Monetize:

• Paid Promotions

• Affiliate Marketing

• Ads Network Like - Google AdSense,, Infolinks Etc

• Etc

#009. Share Success Stories:

Image Source: Pixabay

You can share big people's success stories through your blog. Which will influence your audiences to do big in their live.

Biographies or success stories is, a kind of energy drink. It will help people who are loosing their hope and thinking that they can't do anything in their life.

» How to Monetize Biography Blog:

• Affiliate Marketing

• Ads Network

• Paid Writing

• Etc

3. Conclusion:

This is the list that we have arranged. We did not stop researching the most profitable blog topics. This niche list will be updated from time to time.

So, make sure you have subscribed our newsletter to get future updates. Share your views about this post.

If still you have any queries regarding this topic, please do comment at the below box.

Do share this article with your friends. Thanks you so much for visiting.


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