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How to Boost Blog's Traffic?

For a businessman or marketer, traffic is the most loveliest and demanding thing in this world. Because, more traffic means more seals and more profits.

But, bringing visitors for a new blog is the most toughest job for a newbie blogger. Your unique content don't have any value without traffic. In this difficult situation, many blogger becomes frustrated and want to quit blogging.

But, there has some hidden techniques which are really effective to bring massive amount of organic traffic for a new blog. Due to lack of proper knowledge, they can not implement these strategies on their blog.

Don't worry, in this post you are going to know, "10 Proven Techniques to Increase Your Blog's Traffic Instantly". Applying these strategies in our 1 month old blog, we have crossed 4k+ traffic. Which is a decent number for a newbie.

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We hope, after reading today's post, you will definitely boost your blog's traffic 30-50%. The Bonus point is, most the tactics are completely FREE. So, let's we know, how we can increase our blog's traffic instantly.

#1 10 Proven Techniques to Increase Your Blog's Traffic Instantly

#01 Use Quora to Derive Unlimited Traffic:

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Quora is a great platform for discussion. Here, you can get answers of your queries within a minute. Daily, massive number of people visit to find out their questions.

But are you know that, by giving answers of other people's queries in Quora, you can derive a huge amount of traffic, for your blog or website. Many blogger already doing this extremely effective trick.

First, create an account and search your blog's related questions on Now, try to answer most of the questions properly. After that, attach a link of your post related to that question so that people will able find out your blog.

The Bonus point is, after inserting your link, you will get a quality backlink from high authority website ( Which will definitely improve your blog's ranking on search engines.

Another useful thing is, using you can get ideas that, what maximum people wants to know. After analysing the most engaging topic from Quora you can create a unique blog regarding that subject.

#02 Do On-Page SEO Properly:

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On-Page SEO is the most powerful weapon in your hand to maximize your blog's traffic. Our maximum posts are ranking on Google by using On-Page SEO techniques.

"On-page SEO" is the root of blogging. Some time you can leave your "Off-page SEO" for your blog but, without doing "On-page SEO", publishing any content would be a stupidity.

Meta tags, title tag, meta description, internal linking, keyword tag everything is falling under "On-page SEO". Google's newly arrived algorithms also giving extra priority to these things. So how can we ignore, "On-page SEO".

We have already created a separated post on On-Page SEO:

#3 Use Reddit as a Source of Infinity Visitors:

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Reddit is a strong and FREE network to promote your content. Basically, Reddit is associate yank social news aggregation, website rating, and discussion web site. After joining sub-reddit, you can't believe that, what kind of massive response you will get from here in your blog.

First, create an account on to use the max features of it. After that, you will get another section which is called, sub-reddit. It is basically a section where, you will get different different communities just like "FB Groups".

Find out communities which are related to your blog and join them. After joining a community, you are free to post things, related to that community. If your contents are really unique and genuine, you will definitely maximize your blog's traffic.

Special Note: After joining sub-reddit, don't share your content's links or any other kind of promotional links for 7 days. First, post some useful and engaging contents to the sub-reddit without promotional links to build trust.

Do some good comments so that you can get upvotes which will increase your KARMA points. Karma is like "FB Like". To protect yourself from being banned, ignore spamming.

#4 Google News Publisher:

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GNP or Google News Publisher is another very useful and open source product of Google. In a single word this is a news publishing platform.

Google news publisher is a effective way to increase visitors for your blog. Giant news companies, like News18, Hackernoon, Odisha tv also taking benefits, of this feature. You can check their website's monthly visitors online.

Generally takes a lot of time to derive, a decent amount of monthly visitor but without giving any cost and efforts, they ( Giant News Companies) are generating, a huge number of visitors for their website.

Read this article to know, what processes they have followed:

#5 Be Social to Maximize Your Blog's Traffic:

Many people underestimate, the power of social media and for that reason, they missed to grab a huge amount of traffic for their quality content.

But, they don't understand that great content is not enough to get traffic. You have to push your content so that people can easily find it out.

Build a strong community on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest Etc and promote your great content with free of cost.

#6 Do Advertisement (PAID):

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If, you have tried all the methods we have mentioned above but, don't coming impressive results, then, you can do paid promotion for your posts. If, your content has the quality then, you can boost your traffic rapidly through this method.

Most powerful networks to run advertisement are "Google AdWords" and "Facebook Ads". Run your post's campaign and get ready to receive amazing results.

#7 Focuse on Your Posts Titles:

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A perfect title can rank your post at the top of Google. In WordPress, you can easily create SEO friendly titles using some plugins. But you know that, you also can create a good title in Use these simple hacks to create a perfect title.

First, search your keyword on Google and analysis top 8 results. Try to analysis their title's pattern. Look, how they have inserted main keyword in their title tag. After analysing the whole thing, create a short and unique title for your post.

For Example: If your main keyword is "Responsive Blogger Templates", create your title like - "Best 5 Responsive Blogger Templates 2019" or "5 Best Responsive Blogger Templates for free".

Use catchy and mysterious words to make your title more interesting and to get more clicks.

Example: "10 Secrets of Content promoting - every Newcomers should Know" or "Hidden Secrets of Success - novice Special"

You can get help from many title finder tools. Otherwise, you can take advantage of YouTube and Google Autofill features. Most importantly, put your focused keyword at your title.

Note: Use title related to your post, otherwise, your content will be judged as a spam.

#8 Write Guest Posts:

Guest posting or guest blogging is a very popular and effective way to maximize your blog's traffic. Many giant websites like - HubSpot, HuffPost, Entrepreneur, Investopedia etc gives the golden opportunity to write for them.

First, read their guidelines for guest posting and submit your unique content to their websites. If, they found that your content has the quality then, they will definitely publish your post to their website. If, your post got approved, you can't expect that what kind of massive response you will get.

#9 Analysis Your Analytics Data:

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Checking analytics is a good practice to know what maximum people wants from your blog. If you think that, after publishing thousand of posts, you will gain millions of traffic in a month then, you are in a myth. Work smartly instead of corvee.

First, deeply analyse your blog's data from Google Analytics and find out the most viewed post of your blog. After studying the most engaging topics from Google Analytics, write related posts on that topic. It will definitely increase your blog's traffic instantly.

#10 Start Email Marketing:

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Every blogging expert like - Shout Me Loud, Neil Patel, Backlinko Etc follows Email Marketing strategy to maximize their blog's traffic.

First, collect visitors mail addresses from your blog. To do this you have to add NEWSLETTER form in your website and request your blog's visitors to SUBSCRIBE to your NEWSLETTER so that they can receive your next post's update immediately.

When, someone do subscribe to your newsletter you will get the mail address from your email. Then, manually send them your post via email and attach your blog's link so that they can easily find out your blog.

#2 Conclusion

These are the tactics we have applied to increase our blog's traffic. So, are you ready to boost your blog's traffic, let us know at the comment box below.

Share your views about this post. If you still have any queries regarding "10 Proven Techniques to Increase Your Blog's Traffic Instantly", please do comment at the below box.

Do not forget to share this text together with your friends. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a notification for our next post. Thanks a lot for visiting.


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