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How to Generate IDEAS FOR A BLOG:

Daily blogging is a good technique for amplifying visitors on new blog website. Google's updated algorithm deeply analyzes your content. Google is always checking your content's bounce rate, traffic sources, spam score etc.

If, you have done all the things perfectly, but, not written a unique content, then, your content's SEO has no value and it will never get placed to the first page of Google likewise as different search engines.

But, the big question comes that, how to find unique ideas for daily post. For this reason, so many newbie blogger becomes irregular and it creates a bad impact for their website's ranking.

So that in today's blog I am going to share you "9+ Tools For Generating Unique Ideas for a Blog".

Using these tools, many professional writers will easily derive too many unique ideas for their content. And, I hope, after this post, my many blogger friends will definitely get rid from this painful situation.

#1. 9+ Tools For Generating Unique Ideas for a Blog

#01. Ubersuggest:

Image Source: Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free tool for generating content ideas. It is founded by a British entrepreneur "Neil Patel". He is also known as the founder of "crazy eggs". By entering your keyword to the given field, you can get a huge number of ideas for your blog.

#02. Auto-complete Features of Google and YouTube:

Image Source: Google

Image Source: YouTube

Basically, this is not a Topic Idea Generator tool. It is a completely FREE feature of Google and YouTube. Enter your single keyword at the search bar of Google and YouTube to get a bunch of ideas related to your keyword.

#03. Google Trends:

Image Source: Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the amazing and extremely useful products of Basically, this is a tool to know the trending topics of Google as well as YouTube. Get a huge number of trending topics for your blogs from Google Trends.

#04. Blog Topic Generator by HubSpot:

Image Source: HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

"HubSpot web log Topic Generator tool" is another useful gizmo provides by Enter any noun or keyword to the given area and hit the add button to get topic ideas related to your keyword.

#05. Content Ideas Generator by SEMrush:

Image Source: SEMrush Content Ideas Generator

SEMrush is well-known for their keyword planner tool. They also provides another most useful tool, "Content Ideas Generator". Enter your focused keyword and hit enter to get large number of content ideas.

#06. Portent's Content Idea Generator:

Image Source: Portent's Content Idea Generator

Next tool in our list is "Portent's Content plan Generator". First enter your keyword or keyword phrase at the given field and hit enter and it will suggest a title. If you don’t just like the initial instructed title, you'll still hit the refresh button till you see a title you wish.

#07. BuzzSumo Topic Explorer:

Image Source: BuzzSumo Topic Explorer

"BuzzSumo Topic Explorer" can be a premium tool for skilled content creators. But, you can try 7 days free trial without giving credit card details. I am highly recommending you to, use their trial version to get the premium features. Which are extremely useful for a newbie blogger.

#08. Quora:

Image Source: Quora

Using you can get ideas that, what maximum people wants to know. After analysing the most engaging topic from Quora you can create a unique blog regarding that subject.

#09. Build Your Own Blog:

Image Source: Build Your Own Blog

This is a site that gives you a somewhat unexpected feel in comparison to different tools referenced previously. In this topic generator, you don't get the opportunity to embed your keyword or keyword phrase.

After clicking the button "Generate Blog Post Idea" , it gives you half complete heading, to begin with.

#10. Google Keyword Planner:

Image Source: Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the official keyword research tool of Google. Using Google keyword planner, you can also get some cool ideas for your blog. It's really a useful tool for beginners.

#2. Conclusion

Except these, there are lots of good keyword planner tool in market. If you wants another part of this article, do comment at the below box.

Share your opinions about this post. If you still have questions regarding "9+ Tools For Generating Unique Ideas for a Blog", please comment. Do share this article with your friends.


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