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Join Affiliate Program of Amazon

Hey everyone! Welcome to another fresh and money making article of DoBlog. In this post we will discuss, How to Join Affiliate Program of AMAZON and Earn $1000/Month From it. This Article will be very interesting so, be with us at the till end.

Amazon Affiliate is a legitimate and powerful way to, monetize your contents. If you have any of website, blog, YouTube channel or Application then, you can definitely generate a huge amount of revenue from Amazon Affiliate Program.

#1. What Is Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon Affiliate or Amazon Associates is a Affiliate Marketing program provided by Which is a free way to monetize, your blog and website. The bonus point of Amazon Affiliate Program is, you will receive instant approval.

After being a Amazon Associate you will get specific links for each product of Amazon. After that, you can freely promote the products in your blog, YouTube channel or wherever you wants.

When, someone will click on your link and buy products from Amazon, you will earn referral fees. The bonus point is that, you can earn up to 12% commission from each sale. So, you can expect what type of huge income you will get from here.

#2. How to Join Affiliate Program of AMAZON - Step by Step:

To become an Amazon Affiliate, we have to follow few simple steps. Required things: an pre-populated website, blog, YouTube channel or app.

If, you have any of the above things, you are ready to get started.

#01. First Create Your Amazon Associates Account:

First of all, open your favourite browser and visit "Amazon Associates". Now, if you are a existing customer, login with your Amazon account, otherwise, create one.

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#02. Fill-up These Basic Details To Get Started:

Enter payee name, full address and phone number in these given field to start creating your account. Then, click on "Next".

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#03. Enter Your Blog, Website, App etc:

After clicking the "Next" button, a brand new page can open. Here, you have to enter your website URL, app, YouTube channel etc. You can add up to fifty websites or mobile apps.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

#04. Setup Your Amazon Associates Account:

Enter a store ID in this given field that, you wants to keep. Give a brief description about your website or app in the given area. Select the topics that, best describes your website or application. Select the list of products that you wants to advertise in your blog or website.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

#05. Explain, How You Derive Traffic And Monetize Your Website:

In this section you have to explain the methods those, you follows to derive traffic in your blog, app etc. Also explain, what ways you takes to monetize your websites and apps. After filling all the main points, click on "Finish" to proceed more.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

#06. Fill Your Payment Details:

After clicking on "Finish" you may see a brand new interface. Click on "Now" and fill your bank account details to receive your commissions from Amazon.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

#3. How To Create Buying Link and Earn $1000/Month:

After doing all the required things, click on the Amazon Associate's logo to go to your dashboard.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

Now, search your product which you wants to promote or advertise. Then, click "Get link" to urge your affiliate link.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

You can choose products via category wise. To get product category wise, click on "Browse for Product" than, select your category from the given list and click "Get link".

If, you wants to embed full HTML code including each product's image then, search product you want and click this button.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

Then, click on "Build Link" after that, select your perfect combination and copy the HTML code given below. Then, paste it to your website. You also can customize your link.

Image SourceAmazon Associates

Image SourceAmazon Associates

Note: Amazon gives you 180 days. If you do not have atleast single sale in this limited time, your Amazon Associates account will be closed.

#001. Some Tips for New Comers »

• Expand your followers on social media.

• Share Products With Them Who Are Really Interested To Buy.

• Create A Subdomain Related To Product Review And Give Genuine Review Of Products And Don't Forget To Embed Your Affiliate Link In Those Posts.

• At The Beginning, Share Your Products To Your Family Members, Relatives, Friends.

• Join Some Facebook And WhatsApp groups Related To Affiliate Marketing To Build deeply Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing.

• If possible, contact some digital marketers who have a core knowledge about affiliate marketing.

• The most important, Never Lose Hopes And Always Maintain Consistency.

• Etc

#3. Conclusion:

We hope, this guide is enough to Join Affiliate Program of AMAZON and Earn $1000/Month. Share your views about this post. If you still have queries regarding, this article, please do comment at the below box.

Don't forget to share this article with your buddies. Thank you so much for visiting.

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