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Best WordPress SEO Plugins of 2019

Have you ever checked it, whether your WordPress blog is optimized for SEO or not?

If not then start from today with this guide and be ready to Rank #1 on Google.

We know that WordPress is the house of plugins. Using some great plugins you can easily turn your blog into an powerful SEO machine.

But, you can't use all the plugins into your site Because, everything is not fully trustable and for that reason, those plugins can harm your site.

So, before installing any plugins in WordPress dashboard, it is necessary to know that, how many downloads it has, ratings and many other things regarding that plugin.

Here, we have sorted a list of 8+ Must SEO Plugins for WordPress which will definitely improve your blog's SEO as well as your ranking on Search Engines.

Bonus: Every blogging expert like - Shout Me Loud, Neil Patel, Backlinko Etc uses these plugins to their blogs.

#1 9 Best WordPress SEO Plugins That You Must Have to Install

#01 Yoast SEO Plugin:

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Yoast SEO is the most powerful plugin to turn your WordPress blog into a SEO Powerhouse. Maximum number of blogger uses, these SEO plugin.

This is also the most downloaded SEO plugins of WordPress ( 5+ million users). It is a must needed plugin for the beginners.

After installing, it will do most of the things automatically. Just you have to enter your focused keyword, meta description and tags at the respective fields. It also suggest you, how to create a SEO optimized title, description, meta tags.

Before publishing your post, it deeply analysis your post's SEO score, Readability score, Keyword density many more things and also suggest you, how you can improve those things. So that you can grow your ranking on search engines.

Along with these SEO services, Yoast provides some extremely beneficial products. Here is the list -

XML Sitemap Generator Tool

Robots.txt Editor

Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu Search Console Integration


Yoast SEO Plugin is available in two variants:



To use the extra features of Yoast, you have to pay $89 for 1 year. Otherwise, you can go for the FREE version, which is also a great deal.

#02 Google XML Sitemaps:

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By submitting sitemap, you are giving your whole website's direction to the search engines. Which is pretty helpful to boost your post's indexing on search engines.

Google XML Sitemaps is the most popular plugin of all time for generating XML Sitemaps.

By installing it, you will automatically get a sitemap of your site. You can easily customize your sitemap through the dashboard provides by Google XML Plugin.

You can change your post's update frequency, also can remove pages or posts which you don't wants to index and you can do many more things from that dashboard.

All over all, if you are not using any sitemap generator tool for your blog then, definitely give it a try.

#03 Plagiarism Checker Plugin:

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Plagiarism is one the most annoying issue for a blogger. That is worst moment, when, After publishing a post of 1000 word's, your content declared as a Scraped Content.

So, before receiving any Copyright Strike, install a small plugin called Plagiarism Checker. There are many plugins available in internet for checking plagiarism. Most of them are FREE.

Here We Have Listed, Some Good Plagiarism Checker Plugins:

#04 AMP Plugins for WordPress:

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Using AMP, your blog pages loads very fast on slow internet connection in mobile devices.

Basically, AMP disabled the extra codes from your template which don't gives your webpages to load fast. Also, AMP minimise the size of JS (JavaScript) of your theme.

Which gives the best possible user experience to the website visitors on Mobiles. AMP use CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) functionality to decrease the page loading time.

At the year of 2019, it's really important to load your blog faster than others. Because, there are too many competition on blogging and every reader wants the best content within less time. That's why, use of AMP is must in 2019.

Using a good AMP plugin in WordPress you can easily do all the above things.

Best AMP Plugins for WordPress [ Mostly Free ]:


#05 Cache Plugin: 

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Removing cache from sites is a good practice to improve blog's loading speed.

After deleting cache files from your website, you can unload your website's server. Which will help your site to load faster than before and also give satisfying results for your post readers.

Most popular and powerful cache cleaner plugins for WordPress are -

WP Super Cache [ FREE and PAID ]

W3 Total Cache [ FREE and PAID ]

According to blogging experts, "W3 Total Cache" performs slightly well in shared hosting.

At the other hand, if, you are using VPS or any other kind of hosting then, "WP Super Cache" performs better than "W3 Total Cache".

However, both of these plugins works in a same way and provides fully customisable options to their users.

They also gives inbuilt CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) option so that you can easily boost your website's loading speed.

Other Cache Plugins You Can Use:

#06 Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin:

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Akismet is a extremely useful plugin to detect spam comments of your blog. Which, definitely helps you to decrease spam score of your site.

Akismet blocks your website to publish any kind of harmful or malicious content. After installing this plugin in your WordPress dashboard, you are increasing your site's security one level up. Which is a good SEO practice.

After analysing, it find out the most suspicious comments of your website and put in a different folder so that the admin can check the comments before giving approval.

At first, start with the FREE subscription of Akismet.

#07 Smush Image Compression and Optimization:

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Image optimization is one of the vital element of On-Page SEO. If, you are not optimizing your images then, your website's loading time will definitely be increase.

Which is not good for your website's SEO. For this reason, before publishing posts, resize your blog's images.

There are so many plugins available for image optimization, like - smush, wp image optimize, ShortPixel etc.

But, our personal recommendation is Smush Image Compression and Optimization.

Because, it gives too many useful features along with image optimization. Image resizing, lazy loader, bulk smush, lossless compression etc.

Bonus: Smush is also available in FREE Version.

#08 Broken Link Checker Plugin:

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Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin helps to find out dead links from your WordPress blog so that you can fix it.

This plugin continuously analyses your site for broken links and inform you so that you can fix the links as soon as possible. Because, broken links are extremely harmful for content's SEO.

Alternatives of Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin:

#9 Google Analytics WordPress Plugin:

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Checking analytics is a good practice to know what maximum people wants from your blog.

After studying the most engaging topics from Google Analytics, you can easily create most attention grabbing posts.

Which will definitely help you to increase your traffic as well as SEO ranking.

What Information We Can Get From Google Analytics Plugin:

• Real Time User Data

• Your Page Views

• Bounce Rates

• Which Keyword Is Ranking

• Traffic Sources

• Traffic Location

• Demographics

• Many More Things

Google Analytics Plugin is a must needed plugin to rank at top of Google.

#2 Conclusion:

These are the list of some highly recommended SEO plugins for WordPress for a newbie blogger. We hope, these will definitely help you to improve your SEO ranking.

Share your views about this post. If, you still have any queries regarding Best WordPress SEO Plugins, please do comment at the below box.

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