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YouTube SEO:

Hi Buddies, what is going on? Are your videos are not ranking on YouTube? Did the steps you took to rank your video failed? Maybe, the reason is imperfect SEO. Yes, SEO plays a significant role for a video ranking. If you publish nice content while not correct SEO, then your content will never get place on YouTube's first page.

YouTube SEO Information

YouTube has its own algorithm like Google. And a correct SEO follows this formula of YouTube. So, without proper SEO, we will not be able to rank our videos on YouTube. Before and when video transfer, Advance YouTube users use some techniques to rank their videos. In this article, we are going to reveal those techniques.

Learn, how you can get organic traffic to your YouTube videos. Read this post to grasp, how to do top level YouTube SEO for better search results.

YouTube SEO Tips

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1. Research For Perfect Keywords First :

Before making any video, research on that keyword. Like blogging, keywords play a serious role for YouTube video ranking. At the beginning, start with less competitive keywords. Always, work for keywords that have at least thousand monthly visitors.

You can take help from keyword research tools. There area unit too several keyword analysis tools at net. At the beginning, you can use Google keyword planner. Because, it's utterly free and additionally smart to urge new keyword ideas.

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Otherwise, you can use YouTube certified tool "Tubebuddy". This is additionally a really smart tool to urge nice keyword ideas. Except keyword analysis tool, it's too several options that ar terribly useful for your video ranking. However, you have to pay some charges to use all the features.

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Work for excellent keywords to grab tight monthly views for your videos.

2. Use Perfect And Appropriate Title :

The video title plays an excellent role for YouTube SEO. Your video title describes the subject of your video. And it is also helpful for viewers. Your title tells your video's content and that's why you have to choose the title related to your content.

Otherwise, your content will be judged as a spam. And for this reason, your video will be down.

So, be very careful with the title of your video. Use a appropriate and perfect title. You can take advantage of YouTube and Google auto-complete feature. Using this feature, you can see what people are searching on Google and YouTube.

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Google searches
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Take idea from these searches and generate a unique and catchy title for your video. And the most significant, use your main keyword in your title.

3. Write A Detailed Description For Your Video :

Start your video description with the most keyword of your video. You can conjointly use your video title at the outline. Many YouTuber don't write descriptions for their videos. But this couple of lines play a major role for your video's ranking.

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Not solely in YouTube once giving the outline, your video are going to be rank to the pages of different search engines. So, if you want to rank your videos, don't leave the description box empty.

4. Take Advantage Of YouTube Tags :

YouTube's labelled feature is one amongst the foremost useful ways in which to create your content SEO friendly. You will get a better ranking on YouTube after properly tagging. There are some tagging techniques.

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At first, put your focused keyword. Then, enter some special keywords associated with your main keyword. Example: if your focused keyword is "NeilPatel", your special keywords will be "Ubersuggest", "SEO Analyzer", " Email Marketing", "Affiliate Marketing" Etc.

Use some phrase tags, like : "How To Join Affiliate", "Start A Blog" Etc. You can use your video's title.

Wrong orthography of tags could be a strategy of YouTube SEO. Many big channels deliberately do this. Because, if any viewer seek for a wrong spelled keyword, he/she will find that video at the searches. Example : if your special keyword is "Affiliate", also put "Afilliate" as a wrong spelled keyword.

Note: Use keywords related to your video. Otherwise, your video will be judged as a spam.

 5. Change The Name Of Your Video File :

Naming of video file could be a necessary a part of YouTube SEO. Many newcomers do this common mistake. But this common mistake have a nasty impact to their YouTube SEO. But these common mistakes have a nasty impact on their YouTube SEO.

Proper naming of video file offers a lift up to your YouTube ranking. After the correct naming of your video file, the search bot can easily understand what is the subject of your video.

So, before uploading the video, you must change the name of your video file. Put your main keyword into the video file name. You can conjointly place your video title as your video file name.

For example : If the video file is "video001.mp4", rename it like this "your-keyword.mp4" or "your_keyword.mp4".

Perfect :

"video001.mp4" » "your-keyword.mp4" or "your_keyword.mp4".

6. Conclusion :

Share your views about this article. We have given as much information as we could. There ar more YouTube SEO tips, however, this can be the most tips for quickly ranking your videos.

If you still have a question regarding "YouTube SEO: Best Tips To Rank Videos On YouTube", please comment below. Do share this article with your friends.


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