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On-page SEO Techniques: Are your blogs are, not getting rank at the top pages of, Google? Is it really getting harder, to, rank at the top of Google? Are you using the outdated SEO techniques to rank your content in this time, but sorry to say that, using those methods, you can't rank your pages anymore on Google. Google is changing their algorithm and policies every day. So if we want to rank our pages at Google's top, we also need to upgrade our SEO strategies.

In this post, we are trying to give you such ideas, which can help you to rank your blog at the first page of Google. So, if you want to learn the "On-page SEO" techniques which can help your blog to rank quickly, read this article carefully. The strategies we have provided are applicable for all types of blogging platforms.

Proof Of On-page SEO:

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My website is ranking at the top of bing in this keyword. As you can see, we have written this post at 05 march 2019. That day we have submitted my post on bing webmaster tool and now you can see the result. In today's blog, we are sharing, exactly what we have done with this blog.

1.What Is Actual Meaning Of "On-page SEO"?

If you are a blogger you must have heard these two words - "On-page SEO" and "Off-Page SEO" These are two main topics of blogging. Without these two things, your blog content has no value in search engines. Among these, today we are going to learn "On-page SEO" Techniques.

• What Is On-page SEO?

"On-page SEO" is that the foremost necessary purpose of blogging. Some time you can leave your "Off-page SEO" for your blog but, without doing "On-page SEO", publishing any content would be a stupidity. Meta tags, title tag, meta description, internal linking, keyword tag everything is falling under "On-page SEO". Google's newly arrived algorithms also giving extra priority to these things. So how can we ignore, "On-page SEO".

2. On-page SEO Techniques - Step By Step Guide:

For this reason, we are sharing these updated "On-Page SEO" techniques that will help you to rank your articles faster than before.

01. Focus On Keyword Researching »

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If you are a newbie, spend some time for keyword researching. At the starting, you have to work for unique and less competitive keywords. So that search engines can analyse your website. When you will see, your contents are performing well in search engines than, you can give rest to your keyword researching and can start working for the keywords you want. An one important thing, always check, your keyword's monthly visitor. You can take help, of some good keyword planner tools.

Learn More About Keyword Planner ToolBest Tools To Rank Your Content Fastly

02. Don't Neglect Your Title Tag »

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Hey, have you ever checked the title of your blog? Yes, it is important. Google's new bots pay extra attention to the title of your post. If you are really serious about ranking your content, please be extra careful to find catchy and SEO friendly titles. You can get help with many title finder tools. Otherwise, you can take advantage of YouTube and Google Autofill features. Most importantly, put your focused keyword at your title.

For Example: If your main keyword is "Responsive Blogger Templates", create your title like - "Best 5 Responsive Blogger Templates" or "Responsive Blogger Templates for free".

Note: Use title related to your post, otherwise, your content will be judged as a spam.

03. Look At Your Post's Permalink »

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Permalink refers to your post's URL. Sorted permalink always provides additional value for your post's ranking. You can give some extra effort to create an SEO friendly permalink. Short Permalink always pays extra benefits to your blog's SEO. If you are a WordPress user, you can easily change your permalink structure and create your own permalink. But if you are a blogger then there are some limitations. There is no way to remove dates from your permalink. However, if you leave only the keywords you want in the custom permalink field, you can shorten it.

For Example: If, your blog's title is "Best 5 Responsive Blogger Templates" and the focused keyword is "Responsive Blogger Templates", you can use "Responsive Blogger Templates" as your custom and SEO friendly permalink.

Note: Use only dashes (-) to differentiate the strings in your URL structure.


• Wordpress ›




• Blogger ›


04. Do Image Optimization SEO »


This is another vital point of "On-page SEO". If, you don't optimize your images perfectly, your website's loading time will be increase. Which is not good for your website's ranking. For this reason, before publishing posts, resize your images. If, you are using WordPress, there are so many plugins available for image optimization, like - smush, wp image optimize etc. But for blogger, you have to resize images manually.

After optimizing images, rename, your images and then use images to your blog. Always rename like this: "responsive-blogger-templates" or "responsive+blogger+templates". Perfectly renamed images add extra value to your blog. Always add "alt text" in your images.

05. Perfectly Use Header Tags:

Proper use of H1, H2, H3 tags, increase your Post's and page's indexing speed, on search engines. Your post's title is your post's H1 tag on Blogger as well as WordPress. Use H2 and H3 tags to highlight any important point of your blog. And always put H3 tags under H2 tags.

Example: H1

06. Write A Meta Description For Your Blog »

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Start your blog's meta description with the focused keyword of your blog. You can also use your blog's title at the description. Many Blogger don't write meta descriptions for their blogs. But this, couple of lines plays a major role for your blog's ranking.

Not only in Google after giving the description, your content will be rank to the pages of other search engines. So, if you want to spread your content everywhere , don't leave the meta description box empty.

07. Create Unique Contents »

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Google's updated algorithm deeply analyzes your content. Google is always checking your content's bounce rate, traffic sources, spam score etc. Each point mentioned above is less in front of it. If, you have done all the things perfectly, but, not written a unique content, then, your content's SEO has no value and it will never get placed to the first page of Google still as alternative search engines. So, always provide contents which, people wants to know. You can take ideas from some good "Content Idea generator".

Here are the list of some "Content Idea generator":

#01. Portent

#05. BuzzSumo

08. Do Internal Linking »


If you have many blog pages related to same category, bind each other through link. This is called, internal links. Using this method, you can utilize your visitors from, one page to another page. You can build links at the end of your blog post, otherwise, you can insert links at the middle of your every post.

3. Conclusion:

Apart from these major tips, there are more minor "On-page SEO" technologies. If you want, we can write different articles to explain this strategy. For that, you have to comment below. Share your opinions relating to "On-page SEO Techniques - learn the thanks to Rank Your journal On Google In 2019". Do Share this article with your friends. Thanks for visiting.


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