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In today's blog, we are trying to give you a clear overview of "Keyword Planning" and also sharing some good "Keyword Planner Tool'. So that, you can get some good ideas for your content and easily can boost up your content.

So, if you want to rank your content quickly on search engines, read this article carefully.

1. What Is Keyword Planning?

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Before proceeding further, let's know, what is keyword planning. Every content creator like, Blogger, YouTuber, Podcaster choose their topic before creating content. They find out that topic, which many people want to know. So that they can engage the maximum people to their content.

Many creators also check the traffic source of the topic before, creating their content. Because, CPC ( Cost Per Click ) is variable countrywide. If the CPC is high then the keyword is more valuable.

After doing all of these paper work, a content creator create a SEO friendly and catchy title for his content. And, this whole method is termed "Keyword Researching" or "Keyword Planning". Using some "keyword planner tool", they are doing these whole.

2. Why Keyword Planning Is Must?


Keyword plays a very important role for ranking of any digital content. Without doing proper keyword planning, you can't expect a good rank for your content. Your distinctive content has no worth in search engines while not a robust keyword.

Your competitor's ranking is above you, one core reason behind this is also a "KEYWORD". A unique keyword could boost your content's SEO. So, you can understand that, why proper keyword researching is must for your content.

3. Keyword Research Benefits:

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• Distinctive keywords will quickly rank your digital content.

• Robust keywords will boost SEO of your content.

• Unique content with the right keywords can easily kill your competitors.

• You can find other unique content ideas by searching keywords.

• etc.

4. The Way to Do Excellent Keyword Designing - Best Keyword Planner Tool:


Keyword is the life of any digital content. But before choosing a keyword, we have to follow some rules. Each keyword can not give us expected results. So, we need to know the rules before selecting a keyword for our content. Special tips for newbies.

Start With A Less Competitive Keyword: If you're a beginner then, choose keywords which has low Competition in market. If you choose high competitive keywords, it will take long time to rank on search engines.

Because, you are a new content creator and there already have too many content creators in online market. For that reason, according to search engine's algorithm, experienced content creator's content will be at the first page and your content will be placed at the last page. So, it is necessary to take low competitive keywords at the beginning.

Check Your Keyword's Monthly Visitors: Before creating content, once check that, how many visitors searching for your keyword. If someone does not search your keywords in the search engines, then working for that term would be a foolishness. Because, your content's main focus is to gain visitors. If no one is not searching your keyword, how you can expect that visitors will come. Always work for keywords that have at least thousand of monthly visitors.

Look At The CPC Of Your Keyword: this can be a vital rule of "keyword planning". Look at the CPC of your keyword before operating, on it. Always choose keyword that has high CPC with low competition. High CPC keyword gives you extra profit to your ranking and also for your revenue. Via keyword planner tool, you can check out your keyword's CPC countywide.

Analysis Your Competitors: It is important to check your competitor's focused keyword before creating content. Many premium keyword planner tools gives the feature to check your competitor's focused keywords. After knowing your competitor's focused keyword, you can rank your content fastly.

Anyone will simply do all the higher than things via "keyword designing tool". Here we have given, some top listed, keyword planner tool.

#01. Google Trends:

Image Source: Google Trends

Nowadays many creators using, Google's this product as a keyword planner tool. According to me this time it is doing a great job compare to Google keyword planner. Basically, this is a tool to know the trending topics of Google as well as YouTube. Google's this product is completely free available for worldwide. You can begin your keyword designing through Google Trends.

#02. Ubersuggest:

Image Source: Neil Patel

Ubersuggest, another free tool for keyword research. It is founded by a British entrepreneur "Neil Patel". He is also known as the founder of "crazy eggs". It has some unique features that are not available on other free tools. This is a decent keyword designing tool for beginners.

#03. Semrush:

Image Source: SEMrush

This is a paid keyword planner tool for professional content creators. If you want to analyse your competitor's website deeply, this tool is completely for you. Only, after entering any URL, at the given field, semrush gives you the deepest details of that website. You can analyse these things from semrush:

• Your competitor's focused keywords

• Which keyword is ranking at the top of search engines

• Monthly traffic, traffic sources

• Etc

After grabbing all the details you can easily beat your competitors. If you are a beginner, this is not recommended for you. But, you can use semrush's "10 free requests" after registering to the website.

#04. Google Keyword Planner:

Image SourceGoogle Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is the official keyword research tool of Google. This is another open source product of Google. Using Google keyword planner, you can get some cool ideas for your content. You can grab ideas for your journal, YouTube channel, podcast etc. All over all it is a good tool for a newbie.

#05. Keyword Tool:

Image Source: Keyword Tool

After Google keyword planner, is another very good tool for keyword ideas. Like all of the above tools it has some unique features. You can get concepts for every of your digital content like web log, youtube channel, podcast, facebook etc. Basically, it is a free tool but if you are a pro user, you can upgrade your subscription.

5. Conclusion:

Except these, there square measure too several smart keyword planner tool in market. But, nowadays these tools are doing their jobs very perfectly. We hope, these data square measure enough to grant a transparent summary regarding keyword planner tool.

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