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How To obtain a site From GoDaddy »

Square measure you wish to shop for a site name? But little confused about the process? Hey, this is often Bapan and these days i'm progressing to show you, however you'll obtain your fascinating name simply in couple of minutes.

Nowadays, online empire is growing up very rapidly. And most individuals needs to determine his brand during this vast trade. That's why, everyday billions of people establishing, their desirable brand name through, "domain name registration" process.

So, if you are one them who wants to buy his realm on online field, follow this guide atleast once. This will definitely help you to purchase, your domain name or brand name easily.

Our feature in this post is, However, all the method shown during this journal square measure applicable to different domain supplier websites.

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• How To Find A Domain Name?

• How To Create A "GoDaddy" Account?

• how to Buy Domain From Godaddy?

• Conclusion

#1. How To Find A Domain Name?

First of all, open your favorite browser and look for "Instant Domain Search". Now, follow this website »

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Here, put your desired domain's name and hit enter to know your desired domain's availability on this website »

Image Source: Instant Domain Search

If it is available, then go ahead for the next step. We have chosen this website "" »

Image SourceInstant Domain Search

#2. How To Create A "GoDaddy" Account?

Open another tab in your browser and search for "GoDaddy".  Now, follow this website »

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After entering to the website, click on the top "Sign In" button. Here, you will see a dashboard. Now, click on "Create My Account" »

Image Source: GoDaddy

Image SourceGoDaddy

Here, you will see two options to create account. I am using my email account for sign up. But if you want you can use your facebook account for the signup process. Fill this form to do email sign-up. After filling all the small print, press the "Create Account" button »

Image SourceGoDaddy

We hope that, you have successfully created your GoDaddy account.

#3. How To Buy Domain From Godaddy?

After the successful registration you will see a different interface. Enter the domain name which you have chosen from "Instant Domain Search" website in this given field and hit enter. We are entering our desirable website in that given field. Then, hit this "button" »

Image SourceGoDaddy

Here, you will see too many domain names with different extensions. If you want to change your domain's extension you can change it from this "Alternative Domain" section »

Image SourceGoDaddy

We are taking "" domain for this demonstration. After choosing your desirable domain name, click on this button "Add to Cart" and then, hit this button "Continue to Cart" »

Image SourceGoDaddy

Image SourceGoDaddy

Then, you will see some options to fill ... Please fill out the form like us and then, press this button again, "Continue to Cart" »

Image SourceGoDaddy

After that, you will see a billing form. In this form, fill out these basic details like us and then, click on the save button »

Image SourceGoDaddy

After that, a new page will open called, "payment". Here, you have to choose, your payment mode. So many payment options there have like - card, net banking , paytm. Choose anyone among those. But, among those, we are recommending card payment. To make payment via card, enter your 16 digit card number, expiry date and CVV at these given fields and then, click on the save button »

Image SourceGoDaddy

After that, click on "Completed Purchase" to star processing your payment »

Image SourceGoDaddy

Now, you will receive a OTP from your bank in your registered mobile number. Put your OTP in the given field to complete your purchase. Then, you will receive a "payment successful" email from GoDaddy.

To find out your purchased domain name, go to the dashboard of GoDaddy and tap on this customer id and then, click this option "My Products" »

Image SourceGoDaddy

Image SourceGoDaddy

Here, you will able to see all your available products. I did not purchased anything, that's why, my cart is showing empty »

Image SourceGoDaddy

#4. Conclusion ›

Share your opinions concerning "Buy a site From GoDaddy - Step By Step Guide". If you still have any queries regarding "Domain Name Registration", please do comment at the below box. Don't forget to share this article with your buddies. Thanks for visiting.

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